2017 Seminars

 15 June 2017






Welcome from the Chair

Rebecca Morris

Paradigm Shift

Welcome from the Chair

Shane Minogue
Research Manager


How to sessions are designed to take you through step by step learning and implementation of key skills.  These sessions will run for 90 minutes alongside Stream A + B 


Moving to 365? Tackling the transition in a way that delivers benefits and minimises risks

This session will uncover the benefits in transitioning to Office 365, including dramatically simplifying IT infrastructure efforts, reducing ongoing costs, risk and increasing efficiencies. Learn how you can see these benefits while avoiding common deployment pitfalls. 
  • Infrastructure and hybrid considerations and potential traps 
  • What can you really expect from One drive for business as a file share or dropbox replacement? 
  • How to deliver a consistent enterprise deployment including governance, provisioning, search and compliance 

Ian Morrish
Senior Solutions Consultant
Information Leadership

Convergence of technologies – The impact of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the power of Data and Blockchain

  • The emerging technologies set to have the biggest impact on organisations 
  • The current capability of these emerging technologies 
  • People and Culture shifts required to support technology adoption 
  • Positioning your organisation - Developing your emerging technology strategy 
  • Examples from Engineering and Health industries, and NASA’s Exploration of Mars

Glen Willoughby
General Manager IT
Downer New Zealand

How To: Drive Agile adoption and achieve business agility

Agile has moved beyond teams within the IT department. We are now realising the benefits of adopting agile principles throughout the organisation. This masterclass will examine the role of the CIO and their direct reports in driving agile adoption and collaboration. 
  • Using Agile techniques to adopt an Agile way of working 
  • Communication: How to gain buy-in from different business units 
  • Common pitfalls and failure patterns 
  • Supporting an agile adoption in a risk adverse or traditional organisation 
  • Measuring an Agile adoption, how do you know if you are winning? 

David Mole
Agile Coach


Project management strategies – Keeping your projects and team on target

  • Establishing a clear direction and objectives for success 
  • Effective tools for assessing and monitoring project risk 
  • Accurately estimating project cost

Rogan Clarke
Director of Digital Change
Inland Revenue

Cloud Management: accelerating and strengthening cloud development and operations.

Further session details to be announced soon

Gerwyn Samuel
Solution Architect


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Tales from the trenches - Designing and migrating to Amazon Web Services with operations in mind

This session will cover real world experiences in deploying complex AWS environments and discuss key considerations you should know upfront in your adoption of AWS. Featuring case studies for practical insights into key lessons learnt and how these organisations were able to significantly increase their customer base. 
Ethan Williams
Professional Services Manager

Gaining executive buy-in and support for your project

  • Building your case – Demonstrating why it is the right thing for your organisation to invest in 
  • Securing business-wide involvement in your project 
  • Developing a common language between business and IT - Gaining agreement on how the project will be measured

Mandy Kennedy
Chief Information Officer
Paper Plus


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IT too slow, too expensive – Do you need an Agile mindset?

  • Addressing the qualities and attitudes that define the Agile mindset
  • Approaches for effectively transitioning to an Agile mindset
  • Driving an Agile mindset throughout the organisation

Bernard Seeto
Strategy and Architecture Manager
Southern Cross Health Society

Supporting your organisation to embrace DevOps – Starting and scaling DevOps in the enterprise

  • Understanding what makes DevOps different to other agile approaches 
  • Being clear on the problems you are trying to solve and building a plan for people, process and platform changes 
  • Selecting a pilot project that will build momentum 
  • Measuring success and making improvements as required

Nick Evans
Enterprise IT Transformation Director

How To: Strategy and programme design for legacy migrations – A practical approach to implementation

  • Evaluating candidate systems for migration and assessing alternative approaches 
  • Developing the business case for migration 
  • Structuring the implementation programme 
  • Managing the implementation “moments of truth” 
  • Commercial considerations 
  • Audits and approaches to de-risk your migration programme 
  • Key leanings from our legacy migration 

Chris Robb
Chief Information Officer
AMP New Zealand


Addressing and Managing IoT security in the workplace

The Internet of Things means efficiency in the office - but the risks of these connected devices can be anything but. Printer and multifunction copier hacking is fast becoming one of the biggest risks to corporate IT around the globe. Junaid Ur Rehman from HP Inc. is speaking on the security of network printers and multifunction copiers - devices mostly overlooked by IT professionals. Junaid will raise awareness for printer security and educate IT architects on solutions for securing Telnet, FTP and HTTP ports. Attack vectors for printers and best practice for securing imaging and print infrastructure will also be discussed.
Junaid Ur Rehman
Security Advisor – Asia Pacific

Building digital talent from within

  • Designing the right digital skills mix 
  • The importance of celebrating and recognising diversity 
  • Removing silos and re-working organisational conditions to empower and support employees 
  • Ensuring employees are able to keep up with the pace of change 

David Osborne
Group ICT Operations Manager
SkyCity Entertainment


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The JUCY Journey - Aligning technology to our WHY

Over the past 3 years JUCY has embarked on a journey to enable its users to communicate, collaborate and operate in ways that help it deliver on its customer promise. JUCY has grown from a technology team of one, operating a single sharepoint site, to team of 8 delivering solutions across the Common Data Model. Tristin will discuss how passion, vision and a few setbacks are enabling JUCY to deliver innovative solutions to many its challenges. If you want to energise your team and look at things a little different then this is the session for you.

Tristin King,
Head of Technology,
JUCY Group

Next-generation endpoint defense – Applying artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced threat protection

  • A paradigm shift - How artificial intelligence offers prevention versus detect and response
  • How prevention alleviates the need to look for needles in haystacks and gives employees back valuable time to dedicate to other functions
  • Recent advancements in AI and how this redefining cybersecurity as the modern world goes digital

Vlado Vajdi,
Sales Engineer,


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Adaptive Intelligence – What’s next in business analytics

There is great potential and power in the possibilities of people and machines collaborating in the next evolution of collective intelligence. 
  • The confluence of events that create a step change in artificial intelligence 
  • New opportunities in work and life 
  • New possibilities – adaptive applications, adaptive platforms
  • What’s next in Analytics?

Jeff Olson
Head of big data & analytics
Oracle Asia Pacific

Building a high performance team

  • Aligning teams and organisational effort with strategy  
  • Creating a shared sense of purpose and expectation 
  • Developing high-trust team cultures 
  • Cultivating environments that inspire

Emma Kirkman
Founder and Chief Talent Technician
Talent Teq.
(formerly Global Organisational Development, Orion Health)

How To: Change leadership - Change management strategies to support advanced product delivery and Cloud application

  • Defining and communicating new processes and ways of doing work  
  • Leading by example and representing how new technology will assist the organisation 
  • Working with solution providers for insights around staff adoption challenges 
  • Creating measurable project milestones 
  • Reviewing and adjusting your change management plan 

Julian Wheeler
Chief Technology Officer
Sky TV New Zealand


Designing a framework to secure and advance your IoT

  • Policies and practices to protect IoT users and help them understand how their data will be used  
  • Ensuring security is built into the development of IoT solutions 
  • Having a plan in place for IoT breaches 
  • Developing clear responsibilities for those involved in the IoT ecosystem

Geoff Tribble
Emerging Technology Manager
Auckland Transport

Keeping people secure in a digital age - how to maintain security through your staff

  • How staff are manipulated to gain access to your business 
  • Building a strong governance environment to protect your assets 
  • Educating your staff in social engineering and hacking 
  • Testing that your business can withstand attacks targeting the human element 

Peter Bailey
General Manager
Aura Information Security


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Can there ever be success in Cyber Security? Key security management strategies for business continuity

Synopsis: Each year organisations around the world spend billions of dollars on cyber security, and yet we see organisations of all sizes get breached each day. Does this mean we are failing? And how do we know where to focus our efforts? Hear from Craig Williams, Executive General Manager Sales & Marketing, Kordia , on how to find the right balance.   

Craig Williams
Executive General Manager Sales & Marketing

Creating a culture that enables your team to thrive

  • Understanding employee needs and key drivers and how to build it into everyday life 
  • Encouraging employees to own their culture, generate ideas and opportunities that support it  
  • Identifying key culture killers and how to address them 
  • Designing and embedding your new employee experience 

Angela Nash
Chief Information Officer


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2017 CIO Awards Winners’ Interviews
Hear from the victors from the 2017 NZ CIO Awards as we talk about the projects, innovations and journeys that led them to winning their award.


Closing Keynote: Balancing technology requirements to deliver what customers need, expect and want
  • Keeping the strategic direction and business objectives top of mind
  • Maintaining optimal levels of technology to deliver not only what the business needs but what your customers expect
  • Being lightning fast – increasing speed to market and the ability to launch new products /services without technology being the roadblock





Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Summit